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Time // Factual Brains // Resultant // NRML GRL

Doors @ 7
Show @ 8

TIME create an immersive and otherworldly dance floor experience that disarms, uplifts, and illuminates. The vibration of ancient mantra and spirit-syllable creates a grand umbrella under which all else can take shelter. When passed through this lens of divine love, rhythm marks the relentless ticking of eternity. This force reveals and dissolves, until song soars above all.

Factual Brains
Factual Brains is the tangled mess of MIDI cables, effect pedals, and shattered drumsticks thinly disguised as a musical endeavor. Acting as a ringleader, folk hero Alec Schumann channels the inspirations of Laurie Spiegel, Sun Ra, Deerhoof, and the Nintendo 64 by frantically drumming and singing to a chorus of synthesizers, found-sounds, and audience inputs. The end result is very cool.