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Neutral Buoyancy-Art by Nyki Fetterman

Come on out to see the thoughtful and playful art of Akron-based artist Nyki Fetterman. Fetterman's art analyzes our attempts to mimic nature in man-made landscapes such as golf courses and swimming pools. She comments the awkwardnesses and absurdities of these landscapes through mixed media collages, wall assemblages, and installations. By using materials ranging from ceramic to astroturf, Fetterman crafts stark textural arrangements that pull the eye through the composition while highlighting her conceptual framework. We are excited to present this fantastic show.

Reception: April 21, 2018. 6PM-9PM
Light refreshments will be provided.
Following the reception at 9PM there will be a performance by local musician POSTURE. Check out his music at:

The exhibition runs from April 7-April 30 and is on view at any of our events and by appointment. For appointments, email