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Free Black! album release // Peachcurls

Doors: 8
Music: 9
$10 suggested

Free Black! is a Hip-Hop collective consisting of Hip-Hop artist Floco Torres & Producer/Drummer Holbrook Riles III aka HR3. The Free Black! mantra is that "There isn't one way to be black." There are many stereotypes with blackness specifically that suggest that we aren't multi-faceted people & through our music we attack those stereotypes head on. In embracing our individuality we can learn to be more accepting of ourselves & where we come from as well as our peers. 
The collective was created in 2017 through collaboration between both artists. Their self-titled album will be released on October 26th via Bandcamp & Soundcloud.

If anything defines today’s artists, separate from the digital world where they thrive, it is that they refuse to be categorized or adhere to codified traditions. Peachcurls is an artist for today. In Peachcurls’ music, the Black-American, Cleveland, Ohio raised artist/producer is not bound by stylistic barriers. His music authentically weaves from heavily funk-influenced psychedelic music that provoke movement, to warm saturated lo-fi hip-hop. Mixing vintage sounds with modern production, Peachcurls has created his own world of music, and you’re invited.
As the former lead guitarist and vocalist of a rock band (Thaddeus Anna Greene), Peachcurls delivers uplifting, soulful, and infectious vocal performances; complemented by lush, saturated, soul-rock inspired guitar. With the addition of formidable and reflective rap lyrics, and deep drum grooves that are felt as much as heard, Peachcurls’ live show is refreshing; it moves the audience and it feels good.

Parking is available on W. Exchange Street and across the street from the venue near January Paints. Handicapped parking is available in the Hive Mind gravel parking lot outside of the venue

Hive Mind is a safer space and does not tolerate any forms of bigotry and violence.