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New Paintings by Jim Mazorkis and Maggie Duff

Come see new work by these two regional artists. Their paintings, which push and pull between abstraction and representation, are largely mixed media works made with whatever the artists can get their hands on or whatever catches their eye. These works are unified by seemingly endless layers of materials and heavy textures.

Both Mazorkis and Duff move between painting, music, sculpture, sustainable urban agriculture, and community activism. While Mazorkis is based in Cleveland and Duff is based in Akron, they worked on painting and music this winter together in Duff's Akron studio and at Hive Mind to prepare for the show.

The work will be on view until the end of February. If you can't make it to the reception, you can see it at any Hive Mind events or by appointment. Contact Maggie Duff at for appointments.