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SOROS // Sex Couch // COOP // Low Men in Yellow Coats

Doors @8
Show @9


SOROS (grand rapids, mi) is back to wrap your head in galvanized chain, crush your milkskull, and re-inflate your brain just to pulverize you again. (industrial doom)

SEX COUCH (cle) will take you out to dinner and swipe your phone half way through the appetizer to call your mom and report the exact condition of your scratched eyeglass lenses. (experimental three piece doomy noise)

COOP (akron) promises to free every animal locked in your high school alma mater's dissection lab to the tune of Heart of Glass.

LOW MEN IN YELLOW COATS (akron) provides a page turning account of Akron All Stars turned emoviolence.


Parking is available across the street from the venue near January Paints. Handicapped parking is available in the Hive Mind gravel lot outside of the venue.

GPS USERS: Sometimes devices get confused by our location. If this is the case enter 373 W. Exchange instead.

Hive Mind is a safe space and does not tolerate any forms of bigotry or violence. No drugs.