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NRML GRL // Gov Naim // Mako Sica // Glenn Lazear

SHOW @ 8
$5-10 suggested donation

Its A tapestry woven from a fibre so fine and dense, it still rings and shimmers with the rhythms of its originating thorax. Its also a fantastic night of audio & visual delights. Come for the spider's silk, stay for the sights and sounds! starting with:

NRML GRL (Alyssa D'Amico) presents Sound Machine inc, an interactive song-making installation that allows participants to share their feelings and have a personal, custom song.

Glenn Lazear (Akron, OH):

Imagine the E Street Band as a three piece, trying to play Cure songs without keyboards, fronted by an English-as-a-second language singer who loved Roy Orbison. Non-swampy middle-management-collar rock.
Mako Sica (Chicago, IL):

"Mako Sica make music in the vein of Amon Duul, Hex-era Earth and the out there reaches of the Impulse Records catalog with guitars, drums and an utterly primal vocalist that conjures moods with an exceptional grace, utilizing a group-mind aesthetic and an uncanny use of negative space that charms the listener in to be a part of the music." - Permanent Records

"While Mako Sica is powerful as a rock band, the group's sound exists somewhere far afield of tradition. A single song might stretch to nearly album length, Mako Sica's din and rumble arcing into dark, epic grandeur. It's awfully loud for a trio." - Chicago Tribune

Gov Naim (Akron, OH)

Using video and audio elements from non-fiction and deceit based materials including television and movies Gov Naim makes car soup out of the heavy traffic which congests and travels throughout the softness of our brains and into the film grain our very existence.

NRML GRL (Youngstown, OH):


Parking is available across the street from the venue near January Paints. Handicapped parking is available in the Hive Mind gravel lot outside of the venue.

Hive Mind is a safe space and does not tolerate any forms of bigotry or violence. No drugs.