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Insane Power // Wallcreeper // COOP // Thin Maze Projector

Doors @ 7:00
Show @ 8:00
$5-10 suggested Donation

Don't take off or leave on your boots for this one! Its totally footwear-irrelevant, the sheer power of stompin' that'll be a-happenin tonight!

Insane Power:
Takes an unusual approach to sheer energy distribution. This band is gonna tie your sneakers together into a pasta of diabolic proportions. Dessert is Electric eel soup and total obliteration.

Thin Maze Projector:
Don' tell anyone I said it, but you are for sure going to lose your hacky sack at this one. Fuzz so harsh and grooves so smooth you will consider whether it is the more appropriate time to get a hair cut or leave a lollipop in your mouth forever.

When its leathery wings spread across the bass amp and in a shredding deluge of tooth and claws it swoops down at your face, you will have no time to realize just why it was you were looking at quotes on IMDB.

Sliding on down from the darkest corner of your mind as if it were last base, Wallcreeper grabs at the shallow limitions of humanity's weakness and screams nihilist lullabies at its achelies tendons.

Parking is available across the street from the venue near January Paints. Handicapped parking is available in the Hive Mind gravel lot outside of the venue.

GPS USERS: Sometimes devices get confused by our location. If this is the case enter 373 W. Exchange instead.

Hive Mind is a safe space and does not tolerate any forms of bigotry or violence. No drugs.