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Grand Open Call to Submission for The Infinite Glitch

- to “The Infinite Glitch” project - by Chris Butler:

"In 1995, I wrote The World’s Longest Pop Song (Guinness Book of Records, 1997, USA Edition), which clocked in at 69 minutes with over 500 choruses. In 2014, the song is now online, and thanks to the submissions from over 50 artists, writers, musicians, and pranksters now clocks in at 4:25:12. 

This is too short.

I am asking for audio submissions (we call ‘em “chunks”) to the song. Come up with lyrics that start with “Sometimes you can fix something by…”, create ANY sort of backing noises (regular ol’ music, tuned vacuum cleaners, computer-mutated dog barks…anything), get it to me, and I’ll edit it in.

Fun, right?

WHAT???: Go to <> to hear the song, get info on its history, download composition tools, etc. Stop by The Hive Mind (373 W Exchange St, Akron, Ohio) for a FREE CD of the original song for some inspiration.

RULES: Only one. A song in the USA is legally defined as “a lyric with a melody”. The “Sometimes…” phrase must be included, though you are free to play with that. Long instrumentals are not what I need. NB: no musical ability required – in fact, the most interesting chunks have come from non-musicians.

RECORDING: There are free, downloadable recording programs like Audacity ( you can use, as well as free cellphone recording apps. There’s also GarageBand, etc. To the audio/tech savvy, the best format for your chunk is a .wav or .aiff file. MP3s are ok. If this is gibberish, get in touch and I’ll walk you through it. Also, if you are in the Northeastern Ohio area, I CAN RECORD YOU at my studio.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Easy. Just contact me.
Christopher Butler (Facebook)

And look out for a “Night of The Living Glitch” event at The Hive Mind (where you can get recorded) sometime in the near future."