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Dimentia // Disheveled // 8 Cylinder // Glacial23

Don't miss this one!

$5-10 suggested

DIMENTIA (Oakland, CA)
Dimentia, active since 2001, is the primary project of Sean Dimentia who also creates and collaborates under the names Montaux, Cinkrillian Weight, Kanopic Descent. The project in based in hardware production, live performance and has roots in dark electro and breakcore. Through considered constructs, sounds and rhythms serve as a semblance and set into motion the flux of mental and physical states, exploring the many facets of the mind and unlocking doors of the subconscious.

DISHEVELED (Pittsburgh, PA)
Modular based Industrial Techno from Greg VanEck (Prometheus Burning, Four Pi Movement). Very heavy, dirty break beats are weaved together with noisy patches.

8 CYLINDER (Pittsburgh, PA)
8cylinder makes dreadful dirges with drum machines loaded with noise, mutilated field recordings, synthesizers, circuit bent devices, homebrewed Gameboy audio programs, and barely-functioning drone machines.

GLACIAL23 (Cleveland, OH)
Acid House local hero Sam Harmons graces Hive Mind with his first ever appearance. Prepare to be moved through dark sonic beat mazes.